Saint-Jean's Beers have several triptychs: 


Tradition & Innovation

Saint-Jean beers have been able to combine unusual and classic foods with home-made beer.


If the beginning of the mouth emphasizes the nobility of the raw materials of a traditional brewing, it is the end of mouth surprising, balanced and characterized by the surprising ingredient which is our signature.



Saint-Jean to the East



Of course, the zenitude that drinking a good craft beer causes can only be optimized by drinking these recipes inspired by masters of martial arts ...


Selected products:


Kiko (Yuzu & Sensha)

Kaori (Wakame)

Sakura (Yasmin & Lotus) available from 2020


Alhambic Beers

Innovative concept since it is to marry this time the beers with alcohols.


The method is really creative because each alcohol is reworked with care thanks to the spices, teas and wood chips selected to sublimate the peculiarities of each product.


The selected alcohols:



Martini (2020)


THC-Beer : The Hidden Component

Some have already tried it because hops, a basic ingredient in the making of beer, is a plant of the Cannabis family.


However, nobody has managed to bring out the scent and the very specific taste of a good seal in beer. Well, it's done! Mission accomplished...


The assembly of nearly 7 spices and 3 teas were necessary for these creations! Result: a brown beer, woody, fruity, vegetal and ...


Selected tastes:





17/20 for Saint-Jean,

first place equality!

"A real nice surprise is this St John's summer The pepper returns to the end of the mouth and counterbalance the bitterness and gives a round to all, rather charming.A real success for this summer!"

Eric Boschman



On a boat, the "Libertalia", two friends spend holidays in Corsica, both beer lovers including one who is a producer and certifier AOP of Espelette pepper.


The rest is logical: to bring together knowledge, products and traditions.


To drink a Saint-Jean, it is, to privilege the authentic Belgian know-how from a traditional brewery to industrial giants, but also support our points of honor such as respect, communication, initiative and passion.


Far from the abundantly sweet or tasteful, more and more neutral commercial trends, we are taking advantage of the Belgian biologists' legacy, in love with subtly strong, balanced but committed tastes.


Saint-Jean beer is a perfect match for today's interest in local quality and tasting products.


A beer as an aperitif or with a meal is the perfect way to relax without disturbing your rhythm.


One of our core values ​​is:

Quality will always prevail over quantity!


Our engagements


We only use as ingredients the best raw materials in their most natural form.


We respect the traditional methods, without necessarily dismissing the new techniques, provided they are pledges of quality.


We want to recycle our own packaging waste (plastics, cardboard, glass).


We value the brewing knowledge of our community.


We aim for impeccable services and exemplary relationships with our partners and customers.


We encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas.